Taxi drivers

Taxi Drivers

Everybody …do NOT worry …I have the answer to all of our countries problems …let’s appoint a London taxi cab driver to become our next prime minister – apparently they have all the answers and know what we should be doing…

I also know who should be the next England football manager – that would be ‘Barry’ – the black cab driver that took me from Canary Wharfe to Mount Street yesterday.

‘…Na listen ear mate what we whudve dun is put bladdy Rachford on at arf time innit…’

Any questions on Brexit or the current financial markets – ask a cabby …

‘ …Na ya bloody Frenchies and yer Krouts they’v add it in fer us since the bladdy war ant they…caws weel be betta orf…it’s them bloody Uber bastards that’s cawsin all the ferkin problems….’

Maybe this particular cabbie should have retired after the war??

It’s funny how everybody knows what we should have done after it’s all gone tits up – yet nobody stands up to be counted… BEFORE ….the decisions have been made.

I’ve spoken to lots of people since the departure from Europe and nobody has given me a clear reason why they voted a particular way. Lots of people have just said they didn’t like Cameron? Surely this isn’t a good enough reason to change 40 odd years of trading with Europe? Many of my team at JKSL voted to leave the European Union – yet much of the legislation that we work to is European led?

When I have pointed this out to them they have looked a little sheepish and said … ‘Hmmm didn’t think of that…’

My particular stance is a little awkward. I know we shouldn’t have left Europe and I know we will be worse off without working together – but I also have a sneaking suspicion that as an island nation we might just pull something out of the bag that surprises everybody. I’m not a huge fan of Boris but he doesn’t seem scared of making difficult decisions – and maybe just maybe he could put a little bit of a shake up through the corridors of power.

I’ve had my suspicions for years that the Tories just tend to line the pockets of their wealthy mates – and I know the ‘Establishment’ has its fingers into everything – so changing a few things might just work to the greater good?

From an invasive species point of view – it’s either going to go one of two ways:

option 1 – everybody unites to make our island free of invasive alien species
option 2 – everybody just says – let’s build and develop without the restraints that Europe imposed on us…and everyone stops dealing with invasive species.

I know which way it should go…but then again I know which way the vote… ‘should’… have gone…

Anyway – my stance is simple –

….lets just let the cabbies run the country…?


Mike C


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