Stop Start, Stop Start

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 19th October 2022

Can I just make a point that some people seem to just not understand?

When you run a business, you plan your weeks ahead to ensure that your teams remain busy and the cash flow runs smoothly.

To do this you require a list of projects, an order book with start dates, completion dates and payment terms agreed.

Sounds fairly straightforward.

So why, oh why, has the last twelve months seen a huge increase in people just changing the start date. When I say ‘change the start date’ I’m meaning on the Friday night before arriving on site the following Monday we get an e- mail saying … ‘Can we put you back a week?’…

Can we just stop a moment?

We’ve booked hotels, we’ve arranged deliveries, we’ve got machinery arriving ….and you just want us to put it back a week?

Even after we’ve cancelled everything – what do you expect us to do with the labour element that now have nothing to do? Should we put them in a glass cabinet for a week with a sticker that reads ‘Break glass in case of work’…

We even had a client that cancelled at 3pm on a Friday …. then asked that we revert to plan A at 6.45pm the same day.

People please can you give some thought to the chaos that this causes.

Sorry, rant over….and breathe.


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