Stop, Go, Stop, Go, Pause

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Tuesday 30th May 2023

Why has the world suddenly got all jumpy?

Stop, start, stop, start, maybe, maybe not …it’s getting more and more difficult to plan my retirement.

Cards on the table – I planned to retire by 30 and live on an island – this plan has gone seriously t*ts up.

I blame the government.

Seriously though everyone seems jumpy as though nobody can rely on what’s going to happen round the corner.

In the past we did a site survey, provided some costs, negotiated round a table, shook hands and the job got started…

Nowadays we do a survey, provide some costs ….then wait ….and wait …and wait …then just when we’ve forgotten about the job we get a message saying…. ‘Can you still hold that price’…. then we wait …and wait…and wait …

Then we generally get a call on a Monday … ‘Where are you …?’

…and don’t start me on electronic contracts.

We get contract documents requesting ‘E-signatures’ that are 250 plus pages long …which I’m supposed to read – in their entirety – that then expire before you’ve read them or the computer simply says ‘No’ …

I’m sure at some stage there will be a huge litigation case where ‘E-signatures’ come under scrutiny as somebody says – that’s not my signature ….and the whole thing will collapse.

Give me a hard copy contract and a handshake any day of the week and I’ll be happy to start on Monday.


Mike C – grumpier with age.

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