Japanese Knotweed Specialist

When somebody uses the term ‘specialists’ in their business name you would expect a certain set of skills would be a ‘given’. Perhaps they would even be ‘experts’ in the field to which they provide services….and yet we have companies calling themselves ‘specialists’ in Japanese Knotweed …who are in fact complete idiots.

The problem with Google and the whole internet ‘thing’ is that it just doesn’t differentiate between the real ‘specialists’ and those that just randomly picked the name because every other name had been used….

You can go into Google and find multiple companies saying they are the ‘number one service provider’ ….or… ‘the first company to recognise the problems caused by Japanese Knotweed’. Nobody argues with them – mainly because it was always me that argued with them…. and I’ve given up*!

*I say that I’ve ‘given up’ when actually I have one on the go at the moment – some idiot has set up calling himself ‘Knotweed Solutions’ …then just added ‘Wales’ on the end. Does he not think that we work in Wales…??…actually…we not only work in Wales – we have a bloody Welsh language version of the website!

But I digress – ‘specialists’ ….hmmm

These ‘Japanese Knotweed ‘specialists’ turned up on a site on which we had been employed to remediate the Japanese Knotweed by excavating and removing the material from site. They turned up and walked onto the site without permission because they had ‘never seen Japanese knotweed excavated before…’

They then commented (before being thrown off site) – ‘oooo that’s a big hole – do you really have to dig that deep???’

‘Specialists’….idiots more like – and yet people are paying them for knotweed advice….wtf is the world coming too.

Please, please, please – when you look to employ a Japanese Knotweed contractor or consultant check out their credentials. If they have some variation on the term of their parent company with ‘Japanese Knotweed’ added on to the end – like say ‘Ashmeadow Knotweed’ or have ceased trading so many times that they have forgotten what their company name really is – like say Total Complete Morons Ltd also known as TCM then just don’t go near them with a barge pole.

Any decent company dealing with Japanese Knotweed will be an INNSA member (the Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association) – check out the website for members details…www.innsa.org

Note the use of the word ‘Specialists’…in the title – in this case it does actually mean ‘specialists’.


Mike C


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