Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 29th April 2015

Is it just me or is the world falling apart?

Do you remember when the last time was that you actually had great service? When did someone actually impress you so much that you just had to ring the manager of their company and say – …. ‘that guy/girl who works for you was fantastic….’

I’m a bit anal with the way I do things. I tend to use the same hotels, the same garages, the same cars, the same pen…..I even have lucky shoes and lucky pants. When you are as OCD as me you get to notice things – for example if you keep going to the same hotel and the service gradually gets worse and worse, it’s noticeable. If you just visit a place once and the service is average you might just think – it’s like this all the time.

But….if you go to a hotel and the service is exemplary and then a year later its average, then the following year its crap…..something is going badly wrong…..

Well I’m sorry…..but everywhere I go and everything I do….service levels are going down the crapper.

This must be to do with the global economy – everyone’s trying to save a few quid and to do this they are cutting corners.

The trouble is they cut the wrong corners…..

I’m not a business genius, I’m far too generous to ever be a millionaire…. but the one thing I do know is that a business is not about a name or a product it’s about the PEOPLE that work there. If your first contact with a company is bad…..then it’s going to be difficult to correct that poor first impression.

If the receptionist puts you on ‘hold’ for twenty minutes or doesn’t know that the person your calling is out of the office it creates a terrible start to the working relationship.

If you arrive at a hotel and nobody helps you with your bags you will be looking for problems from the moment you arrive sweating profusely in your room.

If the car salesman shakes his head and says ‘you couldn’t afford it mate’ he isn’t going to get a sale….

All of the above problems have happened to me in the last week and I’m convinced either there is a conspiracy to piss me off….or the world has truly lost all concepts of what good service actually is……I’m pretty sure that all the problems mentioned above are down to the management of these companies wanting to save money.

The receptionist is paid peanuts so she leaves and a young inexperienced teenager is employed.

The hotel gets rid of the doorman to save a few quid.

The car showroom reduces the bonus paid to the sales team so the best guys move on – new younger cheaper salesmen are brought in – who all work exactly to the script they’ve been given – and boy can you tell….

So….here at Japanese Knotweed Solutions we try and go one step beyond the expectations of our customers. We want you to feel loved, we want your business….and we want you to come back and use our services again, we want you to recommend us to your friends and relations, we want a testimonial from you on our website.

We have a friendly, well paid receptionist, we have an administration department to deal with all your practical needs, we have friendly site teams who are managed by friendly managers, we have a young good looking Managing Director who will answer any of your problems – and if there are still any issues…..we have me….which is where the buck stops.

We want you to be pleased that you chose our services and to feel confident in the service levels that we provide.

We want you to be happy.

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