Should I Stay or Should I Go

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 15th July 2020

Being a big fan of The Clash, I’ve always wanted to use one of their song titles in a blog, so this one came to mind straight away.

What I’m getting at in this one, is the lack of confidence I’m feeling…. with just about everything.

I think my basic moral compass has been messed with.

My principles are pretty simple, I feel if you work hard, you put the hours in… then… you should reap the reward.

However, with bloody pandemics to deal with, it appears that hard work and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit don’t always result in a happy ending.

I cannot begin to imagine how people in the hospitality sector must be feeling.

They’ve come up with an idea. They’ve worked out the logistics of opening a new restaurant, they’ve found the ideal spot, they’ve sunk all their money into it …then wham …COVID.

As we go forward, who in their right mind would open up anything new in this sector of the market?

I’ve also always felt that if you tell the truth…then you should be ok.

Lying will always catch you out – thus if you tell the truth –

  1. Nobody can ever catch you out.
  2. Life is far more relaxing because you don’t have to try sticking to a story that you’ve made up.

However, with the current government I would suggest that lies have been told from the start of the COVID situation and we continue to be fed a load of bollox as it continues.

I feel quietly confident that we have not been told vital information about the transmission of the virus and I’m convinced that there is something going on right now – that they’re not telling us.

I believe that the government believes either that we’re stupid or we’re too ignorant to understand the complex issues that are in play.

I just wish they would be more open and give us a chance to grasp what it is they’re not telling us?

Is it that they know that COVID is airborne and therefore nothing we can do will stop its transmission?

Is it that a particular age group are actually unknowingly spreading the disease but nobody is telling us because it’s too politically sensitive to even suggest?

Is it in the water supply?

Are they going for herd immunity?

Is it as simple as the economy cannot stand us not working…. and without a return to normality we’re all screwed anyway?

How can anyone make decisions about the future without a full set of facts to back up their decision process?

As a business owner, I am being hit daily with questions about investment in future products and future marketing strategies. All I can hear in my head is The Clash singing … ‘should I stay or should I go..’

It’s an impossible situation.

My heart wants to expand and move forward positively – whilst my brain is saying … ‘hang on, this isn’t over yet…’

Can somebody please tell me what the future holds….or …should I just hole up in my house with toilet rolls and corned beef and wait till next year to show my head?


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