Seminar 2018

I love doing the seminars that we do every year. I love the creativity, I love the different speakers, I pretty much love everything about it …except getting people to come along!

You would think the hardest thing would be coming up with ideas and concepts and getting people to agree to speak.

But no…the hardest thing is getting you – the people ‘out there’ in reality land – to say ‘yes – I will be there’.

I have lots of theories about this.

Is it because we charge a small fee?? The only reason we do this is because when we didn’t charge – people would say they were coming and then just not turn up. Hence a small fee was deemed appropriate to discourage time wasters from just saying ‘yes’ with no intention of attending.

Is it because people think we talk JUST about Japanese Knotweed?? We don’t, we never have – it’s an environmental conference sponsored by Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd …

Is it because we are all too busy?? Could be.

Is it because we are all too computer based?? Have we lost the ability to actually meet real people and have real conversations…?? Could be.

Is it because we are all too lazy? Could be.

I can assure you that the people that come along to these events love them – we get fantastic feedback every year, with last year’s event being described as the ‘best yet’…we had Michaela Strachan, we had Dick Shaw, we had John Lewis Stemple (author) we had Mark Avery (author) we had a bee expert we had a river keeper and we had me… and we should have had Trevor Renals (long story) …

We are already working on next year’s ideas and it promises to be a great event.

This article is a little is a little sampler to see whether people are interested in coming along next year – and it’s also a way of seeing whether anybody actually reads all this marketing material that we put out.

If you’ve read this and you fancy coming along next year – win a free ticket simply by sending an e-mail to me at [email protected] saying ‘yes count me in.’


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