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Scott Free

My wife and I we’re talking the other day about our children and our various relatives children.

We were discussing how we worry about them in different ways as they grow older. When they are babies you worry about feeding them or not feeding them, are they sleeping or not sleeping.

Then they start nursery, are they making friends?…are they ‘fitting in’…?

Then they get a bit older and sex becomes an issue. Are they just doing homework in their bedroom with that boy ‘friend’ or are they studying for their human biology practical?

Exams! Do you push them to revise and study or do you leave them to it and be the ‘bohemian’ parent relaxed about life and the future?

After the GCSE’s should they do A levels, should they go to University or should they get a job? Fees no fees, student loans or not….huge debts but low interest rates….aaaargggh ….whatever you do is wrong and some smart arse parent does it better.

….and don’t start me on their boyfriends or girlfriends …are they mixing with the right people, are they meeting the ‘right’ type of future partner?

…..and what career should you advise them to follow?

Somehow in my day it was a lot easier…you had interests and you had exams that kind of followed those interests…then you do a course which kind of reflects your interests…then you get a job…then you meet a partner you get a mortgage, get a house and gave a baby or two. Job done….

Everything just seems a lot more complicated nowadays.

What my wife and I concluded was that nobody gets off scott free with the whole kids growing up thing. Maybe you have the perfect baby all cute with angelic features …which turns into the toddler from hell. Maybe you have perfect children till they hit puberty …then the shit hits the fan. Maybe they get through the whole teen thing intact …then suddenly they hit adulthood and want nothing to do with you.

Somewhere its gonna get you.

Unless of course you have two daughters like mine who are practically perfect in every way.


Mike C