How many war films have you watched where at the end you’ve gone… ‘hmmm so that was a really good idea..’ ?

How many war films have you watched where you’ve gone …. ‘oh my god how stupid, why would anyone allow so much death and misery for nothing’ …?

So let’s agree – war bad.

War bad – repeat ….

Now correct me if I’m wrong – but – declaring in the Times newspaper that we are about to launch a ‘secret’ cyber-attack ….might…just might…be both ‘not a secret’ and also ‘not a good idea’. Surely to goodness, somebody must have worked out that if you do something to me, and I do something back to you ….it will just get worse and worse until somebody launches a nuclear weapon.

The ONLY way to resolve such issues is to sit around a table with all parties openly talking about what their issues are.

The second part of my problem with all of this – do you really think Russia will be scared of Theresa fucking May? Really ??..Scary..?? Theresa May is about as scary as …my mum. The Russian leader fights bears, wrestles naked and catches fish with his hands. He rides horses bareback and shits in the woods. This is not a man to ‘cow tow’ to someone with a blue rinse and a knitting pattern under her arm. This man kills for fun.

Talk about prodding a bear with a stick. I would guess that Russia could wipe the UK off the Earth in about three minutes flat if they wanted to. I’m not saying we should run scared of them but maybe a little more diplomacy before threats would have been a bit more circumspect?…

You’re all waiting for Mike’s theory aren’t you…??

Well – I’m old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. Both, by my reckoning utter shits and both of them wanting fame and fortune and with a wish to do something …  ‘glorious’.

I felt both of these nutters wanted to be remembered as the next Winston Churchill…and….both of them realised that prime ministers during peacetime don’t get much press.

…but…dear reader….imagine the chances for rhetorical speeches and rousing the masses with words of war – these are the leaders that get remembered.

So my theory is that Thatcher and Blair both wanted a bit of an excuse to take the pressure off the financial accounts and the fucked up state that the countries coffers were in.

Their thinking was… ‘let’s take their minds off the recession by giving them a war to think about.

So if you run with this theory this would suggest that Theresa is after keeping her position as PM, she’s thinking let’s rattle up a little war to keep everyone occupied and I can start writing my speech… ‘ we will fight them on the beaches, we will never surrender…’

Down side is… she has miss-judged it and hasn’t realised that the UK will just be a puff of radioactive dust and Putin won’t even have broken into a sweat.

Ho hum.

Mike C


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