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Don’t you just love rumours? Years ago, I went into a new barbers in Glossop and parked my Aston Martin opposite in front of the pub. I queued for my haircut then when eventually I sat down the barber said – ‘see that car over there? Pointing at the AM – ‘…apparently the bloke that drives it won the lottery – he got 5 million quid…’

I didn’t tell him it was mine and I didn’t correct his lottery assumption – I just smiled and went along with the story.

I’ve never won the lottery because I’ve never played the lottery ….but it was interesting to note how the rumours factory was working. Whoever owned the Aston Martin couldn’t have worked hard all his life and finally got the car of his no no ….he must have won it or been gifted the money to be able to buy it.

At the weekend I was told that I had…. ‘sold Japanese Knotweed Solutions’ for ‘several million’ pounds and was heading for a comfy retirement.

Unfortunately, this is also a false rumour.

Truth be told…. ten years ago, I was offered a huge amount of money to sell the company… and in my wisdom… I turned it down.


I could be living on the Costa del Sol drinking a pina colada and working on my tan.

Obviously ….I’m not quite as clever as I think I am ….

Mike C