Reports of my death have been exaggerated…

So….you’re all wondering how I’m doing right??

I say ‘you’re all’ – when what I really mean is…the people who have actually given a crap about my near death situation. It’s weird what an experience like mine brings out in people. There have been those that have stepped up, and those that have stepped away…

Weirdly people don’t always react the way that you expect them to. Close friends have rallied round and been supportive. Relatives that I haven’t heard from for years have sent cards and best wishes…and yet one or two people closer to home have done bugger all (you know who you are…)

I think that a whole bunch of people have thought – … ‘jeez ….there but for the grace of god..’  – mates of mine who are the same age have all suddenly cut down on the booze and given up smoking.

A whole ‘other’ set of people have thought … ‘hmmm Mike Clough …probably deserved what has happened – he’s been asking for trouble for years…’

Well – I’m back at home, taking it all in, reading everything that I can about what’s happened, why it’s happened and what I can do to stop it all happening again. The Times newspaper has had an article every day featuring various issues with Heart Disease…and I’ve had magazines and flyers from support groups.

Today’s news is that doctors suggest that every workplace should have a blood pressure monitor. Supermarkets should have blood pressure monitors and firemen should check the BP on every job they go out to. I have been having treatment for high blood pressure over the last couple of months, but at no time was it suggested that I had the symptoms of heart disease. I was told that high BP was bad and could lead to heart disease – but not that I was about to have a heart attack.

My high BP only came to light when I was due to have knee surgery and I was told that there was an increase ‘risk’ of heart problems during surgery – this was only thrown out there as an afterthought – I never for one moment thought that a heart attack was on the horizon.


Changes are afoot.

Delegation has been done – and a whole raft of work normally undertaken by …ME …has been passed on to younger fitter minds than mine.

We’ve introduced ‘walking meetings’ where instead of sitting around a table getting a tired bum and stifling yawns – we get out and stretch our legs and minds by walking along the nearby canal whilst discussing cash flow and sales targets.

I’ve ordered a blood pressure monitor for work so that in the privacy of the boardroom anybody can check their own BP whenever they feel the need – and do it regularly.

I’m still on board and I’m still in control …but I’ve passed on the day to day stuff which doesn’t need my ‘hands on’ approach. It’s a very eye opening experience – in that given the opportunity the team at JKSL have just taken the baton …and run with it.

Not only have they run with it, they’re doing better than me ….

Maybe there will be problems ahead?….but just at the moment I’m enjoying seeing the business flourish without ‘Mr. Grumpy arse’ sticking his nose in – (that’s me in case you hadn’t twigged)

I have been out walking every day and start at the gym tomorrow, personal trainer is booked in and a massage arranged for later in the evening.

Diet has been modified and ‘low carb’ is the order of the day.

Luckily, I have discovered that single malt is actually a low carb food group…(?)

Mike C


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