‘They tried to make me go to rehab,

But I said no, no, no….’

Actually, I said yes…but then I’m not Amy Winehouse.

I’m currently sat writing my blog with the news of another celebrity death as Tom Petty succumbs to a heart attack aged 66 – so sad. It does seem that unless one experiences a heart attack first hand – then one just doesn’t see the risks that our lifestyles bring.

To think that a man as wealthy as Tom Petty was presumably unaware that he was at risk of a heart attack is ridiculous, surely, he should have had medical advice or lifestyle advice from his management team??

I for one thought it would never happen to me. I exercise, I’m not a couch potato, I drink ….(but not excessively) …yet apparently I could have died at any moment. Note, for all the stories of people like me who have lived to tell their tale, there are just as many stories with unhappy endings as many people unfortunately don’t survive a heart attack due to not recognising symptoms and not getting help quickly enough.

My rehab group all talk the same story – one of ignorance as to the health issues that they had, and how they ignored the warning signs that their bodies were showing. One guy had chest pains over a period of several days but it took until he passed out in his office car park before he got medical advice.

Maybe just go get yourself checked out, get some sort of body MOT test …??

Note – the longer you leave these symptoms ….the worse your prognosis will be.

This blog is aimed by the way at those readers in that 40 to 60 age group that have grown up in a similar way to me ….long hours at work followed by poor exercise routine and a tendency to eat and drink a little too well.

Please …get your blood pressure checked, hassle the doctor …find out what those tablets they have put you on are actually doing ….???

I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was given medication to reduce the high levels that I was exhibiting…but nobody asked why I had high blood pressure…?? There does seem to be a lack of joined up thinking in the medical profession ….but then we are told that each doctor has a set time to diagnose and medicate whatever problem we describe to them. This doesn’t give much allowance for a patient not really understanding what symptoms are important??

I had been having periods of tiredness and repeated indigestion …but…had put these down to being over busy, tired and rushing my food – yet all these are pre warning symptoms of heart disease.

How many of you reading this get over-tired? How many of you fall asleep on the settee watching a movie….?

Poor sleep patterns are another advert of the fact that things are not as they should be. I’ve been an insomniac for months …but never connected it to blocked arteries in my heart.

More education is needed folks …. maybe one person reading this will click that they may have problems ahead.

If so …my job here is done…..

Mike C


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