Ok…so what the fuck is going on with the world?

I’ve been hit with various health issues recently and have been looked after by the NHS. The ‘wonderful’ NHS. The NHS is just there for you when you need it…it does what it says on the tin and it does it to the best of its ability.

I’ve come out of the health care system still alive (thanks all) – not only still alive but also thinking … ‘I should do something for the NHS’.

My problem is – where do you start?

I’m a business man – I pay my taxes. I contribute to society …. but …let’s be honest here, I’m not exactly high profile with political issues. I vote – I didn’t want BREXIT and I voted to stay in Europe and as usual …I lost.

In fact, I can safely say I’ve never voted for a winning party …. ever.

So, where the hell do I start with my mission to help the NHS? Do I write to my local MP? Should I have some sort of fund raising campaign? It’s all so fucking helpless…. nothing I do will make the slightest difference.

This is not helped by the fact that – when I was a younger man – I assumed that members of parliament and those that make the decisions by which we all are governed…. were wise and sage elders of society with no other wish than to serve the people who voted them into power.

Now unfortunately as I have aged – these ‘elders’ are now younger than I am. Not only are they younger than I am – I even know some of them – they are often inexperienced wet behind the ears, self-serving, money grabbing …. sons of bitches.

One that I know (who shall remain nameless) was a spineless little shit that often whined to his parents about my behaviour – getting me into endless trouble – now cited as the ‘most powerful man in Westminster’. All he has ever done with his life is marry the ‘right’ person. He’s never had a business, he’s never earned power and respect by his actions – only by the power of his bank balance as provided by his wife’s parents.

If it is these people (and it is) that are running the bloody country – what hope have any of us got…?

I hear of foreign aid being given to the likes of Oxfam (£38 million) – and it being used for procurement of prostitutes. I hear of ministers lining their own pockets on a daily basis involving houses in London and rents and claims for travel and expenses.

…. then whilst in hospital my notes were taken on toilet roll (I kid you not) …because funding cuts had left them short of note paper.

I am absolutely convinced we are all being manipulated by these hustlers – but what can we do?

I’m not even sure if you all voted me in as next Prime Minister that I wouldn’t be swayed by the power and the money….

I’d probably have a flurry of decent projects that I would run with…boost the NHS …. get a few more policemen …make sure we have an armed force that can actually do something….

Then you’d find me building a bloody great floating island for my ducks using public money and I’d be screwed….

Mike C



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