Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 29th April 2015

I attended a seminar a seminar last Friday organised by my accountants and run by Andy Gilbert of ‘Go Mad Thinking’ fame. The day started well – I was tied to the attractive lady to my left and we were asked to unravel ourselves without removing the rope from our wrists…not a bad way to spend ten minutes…

We couldn’t do it.

Mr Gilbert then advised us that he knew how to do it – then asked us to pick a partner again and repeat the process…(and nobody picked Mr Gilbert).

Again we couldn’t work it out…

He then pointed out that he had made us aware that he knew the answer, yet nobody had asked to pair up with him! The point he was making was that – if you know somebody else within your organisation may have answers to your problems why not ask them – instead of trying to re-write the book every time?

It was an interesting start to a stimulating day, all based around positive thinking and persuading your team to set achievable goals and to hit targets.

One of the things that I came away with was the realisation that many of the ideas that Andy presented, were already being implemented by us here at JKSL.

We have a meeting every Monday morning and everybody gets to discuss their targets and goals for the week ahead. We encourage communication and we encourage social interaction – and a bit of competitiveness doesn’t go amiss. We even have a ‘brainstorm’ session every month or so where everyone gets to air their ideas – and nobody is allowed to laugh or mock any suggestion no matter how strange…

Current ideas for the melting pot include cloning Suzanne and replacing Mike Clough with a younger fitter model – on a more serious note we have been experimenting with altering water table levels around Japanese knotweed strands in an effort to drown the plant…all of which came from a throwaway comment in the brainstorm session…

So keep thinking positively everyone…and yes I do know how to do the rope thing now so if anyone wants to be tied up – please give me a call.

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