Positive Stuff

Well, my ranting about the government and complaining about everything hasn’t made any difference to anything.

….soooo ….I’m going to try and focus on the positive.

Wildlife and nature.

All is good in the land of plants and animals.

Around where I live, you can see how the world would be – if humans just disappeared off the face of the earth.

The deer are wandering closer and closer to the house.

The buzzards are getting bolder and are now landing in the trees close to the cottage – whilst eyeing up my dog as a light snack.

The wildflowers on the path edges are thriving as nobody is trampling on them or picking them (illegally)…

The hares have been making it across the roads safely and can be seen far more than would normally be the case.

I’ve seen slow worms for the first time in years.

The fish in the river seem more confident and are happily rising to take flies knowing that nobody will be fooling them with a rod and line.

All of this convinces me that nature will not only thrive in our absence – I don’t think it would even miss us for a second.

It might also be noted that the alien species for which I am employed to eradicate by customers throughout the UK – will not give a flying f**k about our health problems.

These are the opportune times to get on top of eradicating these species – but most people have decided that cutting their budgets and staying safe has meant that sites are going without treatment and alien species are thriving.

Just remember folks this situation will not last forever – whilst your Knotweed problems might do – if you ignore treating them this season.

Look out for nature whilst in your one-hour daily exercise – it’s there if you look closely.


Mike C


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