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When I was young I was told to respect my elders.

I was also told to respect bank managers, teachers, anybody in the armed forces….and the police.

Now as I get older I still find myself with these built in pre-set responses when dealing with these people.

Yet I’m beginning to realise I need to re-assess my list.

Bank managers.

Sorry, sorry, sorry – but guys, you just don’t have the power anymore. It used to be that you could have a chat with your bank manager and he could pull a few strings and sort your finances out for you.
Not anymore – it needs to go to be signed off by somebody in ‘lending’ who knows nothing about me or my business – who simply looks at figures, does a quick calculation based on the industry I’m in – and then says no.


My dad was a teacher. Never had a day off sick, ever. That’s right you read that correctly he never had a day off sick. Holidays were meant for preparing for next years lessons or taking trips away with kids to show them the geographical features he talked about.
Teachers nowadays seem to have gone into the job… for… the holidays and disappear for weeks on end during summer enjoying every last minute doing nothing but chill out. The slightest cold they are off sick …and don’t start me on stress. If they can be off on full pay whilst saying they are ‘not coping well’ then they will be off for months on end.

Armed forces.

All nutters.


Hmmmm. I was recently stopped by the police for ‘having a car they wanted to have a look at…’
A few months ago I was stopped for my car being ‘noisy’ ….
If I stray a little above the speed limit in my car (…a car that’s capable of over 200mph) – blue lights miraculously appear.
If my car/house or office are broken into – NOTHING HAPPENS.

Sorry to all of the groups above but you no longer have my automatic respect.

Obviously Steve and Nigel – current bank managers – I don’t mean you guys …. 😉

Any police that are currently looking into my car being broken into – love you.

And any teachers that I know – obviously I’m NOT talking about you 😉

Mike C