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Plant from Hell

So… I’m thinking if you we’re a little native plant …then Japanese knotweed would be your COVID 19.

There you are just growing away trying your hardest to be the best little plant you can be…when suddenly some big bloody alien plant …that shouldn’t be here in the first place shows up … and kicks your ass.

It grows in your space.

It puts roots in between your roots.

It drinks your water.

It poisons your soil.

It takes your sunlight.

Then …it kills you.

Can we please therefore have a shout up for a lockdown on alien species?

Can we socially distance the alien plants and just stop them dead in their tracks? How about we just stay 2 meters away from the bloody things?

Let’s lock down river corridors and stop these plants from spreading. Let’s antibacterial wash our boots when we’ve been fishing and clean all our equipment*…

Let’s contain the spread and whack a mole these unwelcome visitors from our shores.

I’m not sure they’ve all come from Wuhan …but there’s definitely some similarities.


Mike C

note: your ‘equipment’ should always be washed after use 😁