Planning….it’s there for a reason

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 16th June 2021

It’s me again prattling on about stuff.

Planning departments, planning officers, planning permission…. all a pain in the arse right?

When you’re trying to get on site and you’re being told that… ‘Planning permission has been delayed…’- you do find yourself thinking… ‘Bloody planners – get your finger pulled out …’

So, when Boris says he’s going to… ‘Make it easier for house builders and developers’ – everybody thinks – ‘Yes’ – let’s get building, let’s push the economy, build, build, build….’

However – all those planning regulations …. they’re all there for a reason.

I’m sorry to point this out but if everybody could just build what they wanted …wherever they wanted the country would be in a right mess.

You just have to realise that legislation is there because it’s needed.

I’ve heard rumour that the laws relating to Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants could be relaxed to allow development to carry on without the need to remediate these species.

We’ve worked for years to get these types of plants under control and a slackening of powers would be a disaster for the environment.

So yes Boris – we do need to get more houses built.

Yes we do need to get the economy moving …. but please can we do it within guidelines that we know will protect our environment and retain the quality of development that we have worked so hard to achieve.

Just saying.

Mike C


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