Personality types…

The team at Japanese Knotweed Solutions are a real mix of characters. Different ages, different skills, different educational background, different family commitments – yet all have something that made them stand out from the crowd. Something that at interview stage made them unique and better than the other applicants and get offered the job.

I’m no expert in personality types nor am I qualified in psychology yet I seem to be able to spot those people that want to work, from those that don’t.

Some people ‘live to work’.

Some people ‘work to live’.

There’s room for both these personality types in a business but you must ensure that the roles that they are given match their performance capabilities.

There’s no point putting somebody who ‘works to live’ in a creative customer focused role as they simply won’t put in the extra time needed to land the sale. These types want to start at 9 and finish at 5. They don’t want last minute problems that require additional hours.

To win work you’ve got to have people who work late, arrive early, put in the hours until the job gets the green light. They’ve got to want that buzz that you get from achieving a target and hitting the bonus levels.

Also there’s no point putting somebody who ‘lives to work’ in a repetitive administration role. These jobs require a level of detail and diligence that the arty types just can never master. When your business is doing repeat works in similar locations you’ve got to have people with brains that like detail and enjoy a good spreadsheet. They like to work a shift but like to finish the shift when they expect it to finish (5pm).

Both are equally important and both are vital to running a thriving business.

Just don’t get the personality types confused ….

Mike C


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