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PCCB Approved

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 18th November 2015

Japanese Knotweed Solutions (and our sister company Invasive Weed Solutions are proud to announce that following the introduction of the INNS Code, covering the provision of services for invasive non-native species, that we are the first code subscribers to be formally approved by the Property Codes Compliance Board.

This represents a quantum leap in the levels of peace of mind and security available to clients purchasing Japanese knotweed remediation and invasive weed services – and, as usual, you should soon see more companies following in our footsteps.

The Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) is an independent compliance body, which maintains a register of firms who subscribe to one (or more) of their Codes of Practice. The PCCB independently monitor member firms’ compliance in line with these codes.

What does this mean in practice?

Well, behind the scenes, it means that JKSL’s high standards have been externally audited to make sure that they meet all the requirements of the INNS Code. This will be regularly monitored by the PCCB through further audits and inspections.

It also means that JKSL customers are now protected by the Property Ombudsman Service, which will review any complaints in the event that they cannot be satisfactorily resolved through JKSL’s own stringent complaints procedure.

When you combine this with Japanese Knotweed Solutions’ unmatched experience in the remediation of invasive plant species and our provision of Insurance Backed Guarantees (including IBGs as standard for all residential projects) it is clear to see that the best choice in the invasive species industry is a PCCB-approved INNSA Member with a proven track record of successfully delivering complete eradication for over a decade.

That’s why JKSL continues to grow and expand its workforce and to deliver ever more successful remediation projects, standing tall like a proud oak tree while inexperienced and ineffective competitors spring up around us like weeds.

If you want a company to carry out a five year spray program – even though they’ve only been trading for six months; if you want a “£5 million Collateral Warranty” that will never pay out (ever – because it might as well be written on a napkin for all it’s worth); if you want someone to take your money and disappoint you at every turn (if they ever bother to come back), then there are plenty of places to find them.

If you want a company that is verified by the PCCB, INNSA, BASIS, Amenity Assured, CHAS, SMAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, CDM UK and licensed by the Environment Agency, then our number’s at the top of this page, and we’ll always be willing to help – even if it’s picking up the pieces after you went with the wrong company in the first place.


Chris Oliver, Operations Manager, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd

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