Do you ever feel overwhelmed by ‘it’ all?

So many things to think about that your brain just blows a fuse and goes – duuh – “…can’t cope I’m switching off’.

My darling wife recycles everything she can and separates everything into different elements so they can be re-used as efficiently as possible.  She switches lights off and turns the heating down and uses tea bags repeatedly until there is no flavour left in them….

Then you see a programme that shows somewhere in China where all your separated re-cycling ends up in one single humungous big dump.  Then you have a weekend in London and see all the lights left on all night in department stores and office blocks …and you gotta think ….does my downstairs light being switched off make the slightest difference?

We were all advised to buy diesel cars because they were super-efficient and would save the planet …now we’re told diesel is bad and is killing the planet….so we all stop using the Diesel engines.

Then you hear that some entrepreneur is buying up the cheap diesel engines that have lost value… and is selling them to developing countries.  Thus all our ‘saved planet’ notions that we had whilst casting the nasty diesel aside …are fucked …because somebody on the other side of the world is using them instead …and by the way the pollution cloud is coming our way.

Electric is the answer.

Electric everything will sort us out ….cars, lorries, trains, planes and bikes ….all clean and green.  Slight niggle in the back of my mind – where does the electricity come from and wasn’t somebody saying last year that due to increasing demand we would all be getting power cuts over winter.

Have you had a power cut recently …??  We had one the other night ….and everything just stopped.  Stopped dead in our tracks.

Sooooo what happens when we’ve all gone fully electric and somebody fucks with the supply …?  You’re not telling me that some rich bastard hasn’t already invested some money in ensuring that he’s the only one that can regulate the power and screw with us all.

Think back to Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome.  It will be like the little guy on the back of the big guy who regulated what power was allowed to those above ground – the methane-based power was generated by pig manure beneath the city.  He just turned it off until the leader of the city apologised and told him he was in charge….

It will be the same – but replace the little guy/big guy combo with some twat based in London who happens to own several power stations.

I am actually trying to combat these feelings of being overwhelmed by just starting with little things.  Little things that are in my power to control – something I can do something about.  I’m hitting back at packaging ….no more Amazon deliveries I’m afraid.

Boxes with boxes with boxes in …are now on my list of the ‘unacceptable’ face of the world we are currently living in.  It’s a small start but I’m now back to going to the shops to buy something rather than sitting on my arse waiting for Harry the delivery guy to come around and bombard me with cardboard.  This achieves two things – it gets me off my arse and reduces the cardboard that I have to re-cycle.

I’m not going electric with my cars – in fact I’m on a mission to have the most petrol engines that I can possibly have. V6/V8 and a V12*….


Mike C

*Note – I may be a little confused with the whole environment vs cars thing …. 😉


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