Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 10th July 2024

In case you’re wondering what the word means – it’s ’Hopefulness and confidence about the future’ – something that’s been sadly lacking in our country for the last few years.

Now, I’m not a great one for politics, my dad once said to me ‘Whoever you vote for, it’s the government that gets in’ which has led me to have a distrust of politicians and an aversion to following any political party.

However …I do see some glimmers of hope with Labour, if they can pull off what they’re promising…which has led to a feeling of ‘Optimism’ – I’m sure it won’t last …but I’m enjoying the moment.

Maybe some of our projects that are tied up in Planning regulations will start to move?

Maybe some of the ‘green belt’ land that is really ‘grey belt’ will get planning permission to be developed for the housing that is so badly needed?

Maybe some of the objectors who use every excuse they can muster to stop development …will be told that their objections are invalid… (unless of course they are valid!)

Maybe the odd toad, bat, newt or badger will have to upsticks and move …?

Maybe somebody will suggest that Japanese knotweed isn’t a problem …?

Maybe England can win the football …? *

 …Whatever happens, if development can be encouraged and house building got on track then maybe we can all enjoy a more prosperous future as the country goes forward with a more positive attitude.

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