Opportunity Knocks

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st August 2019

For every bad thing that happens in life, there’s usually somebody making a profit out of the problem. Your roof leaks – there’s a guy getting paid to fix it. Your car breaks down – call the AA. You find that you have Japanese knotweed…. call us.

You name a problem, and somebody’s making some money.

But dear reader, let me put a thought in your head.

That house that has been for sale for ages, that hasn’t been sold because of the knotweed problem ….?

Maybe you could buy it…?

Maybe the knotweed problem can be sorted and maybe there’s a bargain to be had …?

Most of the issues caused by Japanese knotweed ARE manageable. The plant has gained such a bad reputation it is putting people off even looking at a property with a recognised problem.

You must admit – if there were two identical houses – one with knotweed and one without …. you’d go for the house without the knotweed, wouldn’t you? It’s common sense …why give yourself a problem when you don’t need to …

But this only applies if both identical houses were for sale for say £450K – one with knotweed one without, then obviously buy the house without the knotweed.

What if house 1 (no JK) was £450K and house 2 (with knotweed) was reduced to say £350K

….and the knotweed problem cost £30K to remediate …….you’d have yourself a bargain wouldn’t you ….?

Maybe you could make an offer knowing (with advice from us) what the remediation costs would be?

Maybe, that piece of land that hasn’t been developed due to the invasive plants could be ripe for development with the right approach??

Just saying.

Maybe think outside the box?

Mike C

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