What have we learnt from the Olympic Games in Rio? Maybe that Team GB are pretty damn good at pretty damn anything they put their minds to…?

They all seem intelligent well-spoken and ‘nice’ individuals…people we can be proud of. They have all had to be committed to the training and the life style that goes with being 100% focussed on winning that Olympic Gold (Silver or Bronze) medal.

Watching the events unfold I’ve been in tears so many times it’s been a real drain on the supply of tissues at home – tears when they win, tears when they lose….I’m actually pretty much in tears from the opening credits to when the programme finishes??

Why all the tears?? – I think It’s just the whole emotional thing of seeing people try their hardest for their country and their sport… rather than the pathetic footballers dropping to the ground if anybody comes near them…then limping away with £100K a week in their pockets.

I hope that some of these Olympic heroes make a few quid now that they are famous – but it’s not the main reason that they came into the sport is it?? I just can’t see these guys training day in day out with the thought that they might land a ‘Quorn’ advertising campaign for a few hundred thousand?? They are doing it because they love the sport and they love what they are doing ….a few quid at the end wont compare with having that medal in a glass trophy in the hallway – and being able to tell the grand-kids – ….‘I won that’…

It’s a little like the whole Japanese Knotweed treatment planning that we put together for clients at JKSL – we aren’t in it for just a quick result – we expect years of work before we can declare a site ‘Japanese Knotweed free’…

I only ever employ ‘nice- well spoken’ individuals – and I’m proud of each and every one of them.

My team are all committed to the life style that goes with working at Japanese Knotweed Solutions and they know that the ‘gold medal’ for knotweed treatment is seeing ‘nothing’ when they re-visit the sites that we’ve treated….luckily we win the ‘gold medal’ in 99.9% of our ‘events’….

I’m trying to put a link in here about how my team are drug free and that ‘other’ knotweed companies are cheating by using drugs – but feel this may be a link too far ….

Well done Team GB

Well done Team JKSL


Mike C


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