Number ‘1’. The First. Numero Uno…

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 13th April 2016

I was ‘told off’ this week for ‘claiming’ to be the first company to deal with Japanese Knotweed. Actually – I have never in fact said we were the ‘first’ company to deal with Japanese Knotweed – what I have said is that we were the first company to recognise the volume and impact of this invasive species and were the first ‘stand-alone’ company dealing with… NOTHING BUT… JAPANESE… KNOTWEED.


There are companies out there (idiots) who say that they have been ‘experts’ in Japanese Knotweed since 1996. This always amuses me as the 1996 date is the date they set the company up – now correct me if I’m wrong but becoming an ‘expert’ isn’t just about setting up a company – it’s about experience and time served skills.

So setting up a business and on day one saying – ‘we are the UK EXPERTS’…is a little bit of a stretch.

This statement is up there with … ‘200 years of experience’… meaning they’ve got four guys aged fifty working for them. So if you had 200 guys who had worked for a year that would be the same …or 400 guys who had worked six months for the company…. you get my point.

I digress.

People have been dealing with Japanese Knotweed since it was first introduced in 1840 so any company claiming to be the first to deal with the plant would have to go a long way back to validate their claim.

I still stand by my statement that Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd were the first company just dealing with JK – anybody that wants to argue their case please drop me a line.

Other companies rapidly came into the market – including the one that told me off this week – but only after we had shown the way. Pretty much all of them use derivatives of our name and pretty much all of them claim to be the UK number 1 or the number one service provider – half of them even use my name as one of their key words for marketing on Google….and half of them copied the content of my website.

There are companies out there who have huge experience of dealing with invasive species and landscape works and all manner of other landscape works that have dealt with JK prior to me setting up JKSL in 2002. In fact – I myself – with another ‘hat on’ dealt with invasive species with my company Landmark Landscape Management as early as 1988.

So f*** you and your telling off – kiss my flaky ass.

Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd – the one and only, first, numero uno, el grande….


Mike C

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