Next time…….?

I do not like being told what to do.

Never have, never will.

I’m sure a therapist would have a field day with my condition and probably relate it back to having an authoritarian father who berated me constantly into doing things I didn’t want to do.

My dad was an only child and had been pressured by his parents to conform and to hit targets – he simply carried this over onto his children.

I have often said that I didn’t make any decisions about my own life direction until I was at least 21.

So, my first job didn’t go well.

It did, however, fire my thought process onto overdrive, realising that I should have my own business thus cutting out the chance of anybody ever telling me what to do.

This worked well, until Boris decided to shut me down.

Now I’m asking myself whether if this happens again – would I just shut shop and send everybody off on furlough?

I’m not convinced that the government knows what’s its doing and I don’t feel that the leadership has been there during the crisis.

Yes, certain industries and certain occupations were at high risk and needed to be closed for public health and safety.

I’m not, however, convinced that the construction industry was a problem area.

I think a phased approach and a quicker stopping of large public events and gatherings would have been more sensible – then shutting of areas where outbreaks were severe.

I know this would have been complex but still doable.

I feel the damage caused to the economy and the money spent on furlough has been out of all proportion to the risk.

So next time somebody says… ‘shut everything down’ ….you might just find me keeping calm and carrying on.


Mike C


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