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New Web Site – New Ideas – Same old Mike Clough

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new website and some new marketing ideas. 

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have got rid of the old site which NEVER achieved what we set out to do.

The previous marketing design company were crap, not only were they crap but they were also con men and rip of artists.

I thought that there was a load of smoke and mirrors in Japanese Knotweed removal…. but we have NOTHING on these companies dealing in the black arts of web design and Google analytics ….

  • Domain hosting and management were charged yet when we came to change the domain – the company who we had paid to ‘manage’ the website didn’t even have the access codes to get into the site….duuuhh…I think that’s called… FRAUD
  • Pay per click and SEO management services were charged monthly – yet when we cancelled the standing order for poor performance – the website moved UP the rankings to its highest position ever….duuuuh….I think that’s called…a LOAD OF BOLLOCKS

So here we are with a new MARKETING company called ’Pure’ based in Macclesfield and you will not meet a more enthusiastic straight talking group of people. They pick up on your ideas and create concepts that actually reflect what you had in mind…not some lily livered, pussy assed version of a half formed idea they copied from somebody else ….(….like the previous company did)…

The current campaign reflects Mikes continuing obsession with horror movies and gore ….and trying to make a link with zombies, the ‘undead’ and…Japanese Knotweed.

The campaign takes the link a stage further using the concept of the film ’28 Weeks Later’ and imagines the growth of a new knotweed infestation over this period. Any zombie fan will have seen footage of the spread of an ‘undead’ infestation as the zombie hoard ravage the living and spread the virus worldwide (see ’World War ‘z’’ starring Mike Clough*)….compare this with the spread of Japanese Knotweed over the last 100 years and you will see where I’m coming from…

Film footage has been adapted to suit Mike’s latest presentation with all the new material being launched at our seminar on May 20th this year (to which places are still available).

Mike C
NB…sorry it may have been Brad Pitt