My Head Hurts….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Tuesday 17th May 2022

I’m sorry but the ‘world’ events are driving me nuts, or should I say ‘my mental health is suffering’.

Can anybody point me to a film that says… ‘war …what a great way to sort an argument’ ….or… ‘war – the happy years’ …

It’s hard enough running a business under normal circumstances but throw in a pandemic and then a war and it all gets a little much.

I’ve been renegotiating stuff with the bank and submitting figures and looking at year end margins and I get feedback along the lines of… ‘your margin has slipped over the last couple of years …can you explain why this has happened …’

My immediate thoughts as to how to answer the question consisted of a series of expletives and a question as to the intelligence of the questioner …but instead one trots out a serious response about delays on site and restrictions on overnight stays etc. etc.

If I even venture over a speed limit I get caught bang to rights by the wonderful boys in blue. The world is falling apart …but if Mike C goes a bit fast …everyone’s all over it. Then I’m supposed to eat humble pie and pretend I’m ever so sorry and what a bad person I am.

Seriously folks I must have been exceeding the limit for …about …a….second. It happens. I’m busy, I need to be places. Nobody got hurt, in fact nobody was anywhere near me…but it appears I shall be banned.

How clever these cameras are …pity they never catch any of the scum that actually do harm like nicking a car, or helping themselves to your catalytic converter.

On top of all this crap I’m trying to get my business back on track after Covid and costs are just going ballistic. My accounts team are suggesting that due to increased electricity bills we should be shutting the second floor of our offices turning off the lights and all huddling together for warmth.

…and don’t start me on traffic.

Is it just somebody trying to piss me off …or is every road in the country being dug up?

I took my mother to hospital the other day and it took me 1.5 hours to do what is normally a 20 minute drive. On arrival at the hospital there was nowhere to park so I had to drop mum (94) and go find a parking spot then run back to check she hasn’t wandered off. Five hours of administrative cock ups later …and we were finally done – when I got to my car – somebody had bashed the side door and I had a parking ticket.

It seemeth to me that we are being hit from every side by extra costs …whilst being expected to run our businesses on a shoe string.


Somebody just shoot me*.

Mike C


* no …not you Mr Putin.

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