When I was younger one of the main reasons that I wanted my own business was that I hated being told what to do.

Worse still was being told what to do by people less able than myself.

It appears that I may have misjudged the requirements of my managerial role as all I seem to get nowadays is…being told what to do.

I get told what I need to do by the marketing boys.  Then get told by the digital team what I need to spend.  Then I get told by the reception team what has been requested by clients.  Then I get told what orders we have to do by the survey teams.  Then I get told what is possible to do by the construction team.  Then I get told what is practical by the admin team.  Then I get told what it is safe to do by the health and safety team.  Then I get told what I can afford to do by the accounts team.

I sit and listen….

I never get to fire anybody anymore as this is considered bad form – so I sit and listen to people tell me why my company is not good enough or doesn’t pay enough.  Then I have to give them time and encourage them to give me 100%.  I am not allowed to give any comments back to these people as it may infringe their human rights.

So, I sit and listen….

Clients ring me and tell me what must be done by certain deadlines and within certain budgets.  They moan about the unfair way alien species cause them problems and how they wish they didn’t have to do anything about these issues.  They never allow for budgets to deal with these problem plants…. because they were trying to hit unrealistic budgets which showed that their project was profitable – and therefore require that I work for reduced margins.

So, I sit and listen….

I then go to visit my mother on my way home – who informs me that I am a bad son because I don’t go and visit her enough.  She then tells me how wonderful my brother is and what a wonderful world it would be if she had two just like him.

I sit and listen.

I then go home to my wife who has had a bad day.

I sit and listen.

Unfortunately, my dog died a few years ago – she used to listen to me.

I neeed a dog.

Mike C


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