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Marketing fail….

Apparently, people don’t like me.

My wife doesn’t like me, my brother doesn’t like me and it appears some of my customers don’t like me.

Shock horror.

I’ve always gone down the route that for every 1 person that I annoy perhaps another 20 will think positively of my personality.

Luckily my mum still thinks I’m great.

From a marketing point of view at JKSL we’ve gone down the route of trying to catch people’s attention and getting them talking about invasive species.

We have vans with zombies on, we’ve got a man with knotweed growing out of his head and we’ve got stills from the ‘mission impossible’ films….

The website is unique, the literature that we disseminate is all designed to provoke and stimulate discussion – but …. not everyone likes it.

We’ve always done things this way… and we always will.

Recently we lost a project on the basis that the customer didn’t like our van. She stated that we were the best price but she wasn’t going to use us because our van advertised the problems of invasive species and she didn’t like us making a business out of problem plants.

She suggested that we change our marketing strategy.

I was recently approached by a large environmental company with a view to JKSL being bought by said group.

They suggested that I change my marketing strategy.

Can I suggest to everyone that until I am carried out feet first from the office I will continue to shock and awe the market with unique and bespoke ideas that others will try …yet fail ….to copy.

It’s what I enjoy doing and will continue to do so.

Without JKSL raising the profile of these problem plants there probably would not be the level of public awareness that there now is.

Getting problems discussed and out in the open is the first step to resolving these issues.

Hiding things away and taking in hushed tones …does not help.

Mike C