Have you ever noticed that we are all being manipulated?

Whether it’s about the cars we drive or the houses we live in or what we eat and drink …somebody somewhere has a vested interest in how we are being played.

In the movies we all watch we get ‘product placement’ where everyone drives Audi’s (seriously …the bad guy has an Audi, the good guy has an Audi and everyone in between drives an Audi …really ….really!??)

In the newspapers we read everyone has turned vegan and is conscious of saving the planet….and David Attenborough has become a God. Plastic is now the work of the Devil and eating meat is on par with suggesting that cannibalism is acceptable.

Women are now such complexed creatures to deal with that I now think twice about speaking to anybody for fear of causing offence. I cannot be in the office alone with anyone in case of some sort of scandal, whether male or female, so I have to take a chaperone with me everywhere.

Every advert we see on the television has a multi-ethnic family and a representative from each alternate sexual preference whilst every school we see portrayed has a child from every minority group that exists.

It’s all subliminal …

It’s all meant to change our perspective on what is expected of us.

I’m pretty convinced somebody (probably who looks like Jabba the Hutt) is sat somewhere in London manipulating everything so that they can make more money.

Evil voice over – “…let’s make everyone buy Audi’s and let’s make everyone vegan ….and just for a giggle let’s make them all become sexually confused” ….(evil laugh …)…

Be aware people – don’t stand for it – fight back ….buy a Skoda.

Mike C (Audi owner)


0161 723 2000