Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Do you ever find things just getting on top of you?

Just little things eroding your daily life to a point where you’re just going to crack and go ballistic over the next thing that happens?

You get up and go to the loo – but there’s no toilet paper – there’s just that little bit on the end of the roll that makes your wife think it’s ok not to replace the whole thing.

Then you go to get in your car – it’s covered in bird shite – kindly deposited by the birds that you’ve been feeding.

You start your car – it says ‘flat tyre rear’

You eventually drive off to work… but the motorways shut – you take a turning because of the road closure and the guy in the car behind who hasn’t seen the road closure flashes his headlights and gives you the ‘wanker’ sign ….then he spots the road block… and swerves in front of you.

When eventually you get to work – somebody has parked in your space even though it clearly says ‘managing director’ on the space – it’s a salesman who’s just called in on chance – well mate you ain’t ever getting any sales from us …just fuck off.

You get upstairs – somebody’s nicked your mug …

You go to the ‘directors only’ toilet – which is filthy because somebody has been using it whilst you’re out of office.

You sit at your computer and can’t remember your password.

Your printer is off-line… and anything you print goes to a downstairs office.

Then you go home.

This was Tuesday folks.

Mike C

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