Life 3, or is it 4…or 5?

I have been reading Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark – a really informative book about artificial intelligence and the challenges it will bring to future generations. How far this will be in the future is a matter of some debate, and will very much depend on how quickly the human race can adapt to a world where much of our menial work is done by robots.

Theoretically, this will allow us humans to enjoy our lives with less work and more leisure time. The down side being that with less work there will be less employment and hence less money in people’s pockets to spend on their newly acquired leisure periods. It’s a long complex argument and not something I can summarise in a blog.

The title of the book started me thinking about the stages in life that we go through. Childhood, teenage years, marriage, children, middle age etc. etc. I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve been stuck in ‘teenage’ years for far too long and maybe I need to just grow up a bit? Maybe it’s about time that my brain started making more decisions and my penis should take a secondary role and concentrate on peeing and other such penis like roles….?

So, having had the ‘wake-up call’ I am now entering a new phase of life. No longer stuck in teenage years I have skipped a few stages and have jumped into ‘old age’…(I say ‘jumped’ it was more of a roll…). I now get up several times a night to have a pee (this may be the previously mentioned ‘penis’ taking some sort of revenge for being side stepped in the decision-making processes). I am now awoken by my pill alarm clock – which dictates when I have to take my selection of life preserving drugs. I have discovered that just getting up when I wake up and taking tablets indiscriminately is BAD…if you then take a second dose before the twelve hour period it doesn’t half make you feel weird.

Breakfast no longer consists of Golden Nuggets or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes …I no longer have toast or honey or peanut butter ….it is fruit or yoghurt. Strangely in this new world I am allowed bacon and eggs which is a plus – low carbohydrate apparently. Breakfast is followed by a brisk fifteen minute walk to help digestion.

I am at work on a Monday, but I make my way in after the traffic has died down. Meetings are pre-arranged in order of priority and everyone comes to me in the boardroom where I can over see where we are up to with cash-flow and sales. Marketing and website amends comes a swift second to the cash-flow and sales then any outstanding HR issues get my attention. Lunch consists of a salad with avocado and something green which defies any identification process but tastes pretty good…I then do the rounds chatting to everyone before making my way home – before the traffic begins to get tedious.

Walking is again on my agenda with a good hour and a half walk around the nearby woodland and open country. Evening meal is a challenge to create low carb food that still tastes good. Mrs. C has always been a good cook but her creative juices have excelled in the last few weeks with fish being high on the menu choices. I have eaten more veg than I have ever eaten and if ever I’m tempted to have a snack – then it’s an apple or a carrot that takes my eye rather than crisps or chocolate which would have previously been my go to choice.

Has any of this made the slightest difference – well the jury’s still out.

I’m targeting losing two stone of ugly fat…my wife suggested I cut my head off – which I thought was a little unhelpful.


Mike C


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