Just thinking… Just say no – to Christmas excess…

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st December 2016

Another Christmas complaint from Mike C…

Should we not all be doing more for the vulnerable and homeless at this time of year? I have been shocked (and it takes a lot to shock me) at the number of people just sleeping rough in the centre of Manchester.

I know this is complex and i know that it isn’t just straight forward …but isn’t it just obscene to be out spending money on trinkets and other seasonal crap when people are sleeping on the streets?

We at JKSL have put our hand in our pockets and are supporting various local charities – we are collecting clothes and buying shoes and gloves for the homeless – we are supporting local children with a collection point for presents and are paying for beds for the night for homeless people over the winter period.

Circa 1500 quid.

Its not a huge amount of money and it will hardly impact on our finances over this period – it just strikes me that if everyone did the same and spent a little less on booze and rubbish from Amazon it would make a huge difference.

How about it?

Mike C

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