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Jeff Bezos

So… we know that Jeff Bezos (JB) is the richest man – IN THE WORLD.

We know that he owns Amazon.

We know that every time we go into lockdown Amazon makes even more money.

We know that the virus is being transmitted via white vans and cardboard packaging.

We know that contaminated hand sanitizers that you’ve bought from Amazon are the ideal way to spread the disease.

We know that Amazon delivers packages to the wrong address so that you have to wander around aimlessly looking for the correct address whilst passing the pathogen into everyone you meet.

We know that Coronavirus thrives on stress – this is the state you are forced into whilst waiting for your delivery – when the driver tells you that you weren’t in….when you were.

We know that COVID hits the overweight and unhealthy harder than other groups – yet Amazon keep delivering chocolate and marshmallows to me.

We know that most of the exercise kit you get from Amazon is crap and doesn’t work.

So…why haven’t we put two and two together …and realised ….JB has caused all these problems just to make a few more billion.

Please everyone, if I disappear – pass this blog on to the police.

Mike C