It’s the people…. not the name.

Can we have a shout out for the people that matter. The people that meet and greet, the people that serve and the people that sell.

These are the people that matter.

I stay at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester on a regular basis. But it’s not the name that’s important. It’s not the room or the sheets or the restaurant….it’s the people I go back for. Bob who meets me and takes my bag to the room. Daria in the bar who always knows what my favourite drink is. Winston at breakfast who never fails to make me smile with his Jamaican humour.

I shop in London at various places but again it’s not the brands that impress me it’s the guys that work in the stores. The guys that ring me when my size comes in, the guys that know what I’m looking for.

The guys that have an interest in their customers.

I eat at Hawksmoor in Manchester. It’s a great restaurant…but …the thing I like most is the smile that Becca has when I arrive. She does it to everybody, not just me….but it makes the difference.

Jess at Audi.

Martin at Aston Martin.

Alan at Porsche Wilmslow.

Nina at Gieves and Hawkes

Alfie my man at RRL

Valeria at IWC

Mike at Watches of Switzerland

John at Mettricks

Nigel at Sowerbutts

…and of course

Suzanne, Holly, Deborah, Chris, Ann, Toni, Alex, Jonathan, Kate, Bev, Phil, Michelle and the rest of the team at Japanese Knotweed Solutions.

So, let’s hear it for the unsung heroes in my life.

Big up to all of you.

Mike C


0161 723 2000