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It’s the end of the world…

So today the server went down and yes, it did feel like the end of the world. For a business 1 day with no internet felt like an eternity. Panic set in -How do we get work done? How do we communicate? We are cut off from the world!

If you take a minute, sit back and think, everything we do revolves around the internet.

If we went back to the 1980’s before the internet would we be able to cope? Would businesses survive? Experts say this would be worse than a natural disaster.

There are some benefits from being offline like putting on the marigolds and having an early spring clean in the office, sorting out the pile of paperwork that’s been growing at the end of your desk and sharpening all your blunt pencils.

Positives of the internet do outweigh the negatives. We use the internet to market the business, interact with each other, use the search engines and keep on top of the daily news. There are many disadvantages such as people can post anything on the internet; there is a lot of incorrect information. The web has given us many things but has taken away the social interaction.


What did we do in back in the pre internet days?  People talked face to face and over the phone, things were filed and lost, letters were written and the pile of paperwork at the end of the desk grew bigger and bigger!

The internet is a wonderful thing but all in all, if the internet world went down…….the world would not stop.

Ruth Bates