It’s not ‘Normal’….

It’s not normal ….it doesn’t happen to everybody …and it is a big deal.

Now all the men out there are feeling uncomfortable…. but I’m not talking about erectile dysfunction – I’m talking about Japanese knotweed removal.

We have recently taken on a new team member at JKSL who has experienced working for another Knotweed removal company.

The company in question specialises in the use of bespoke screening equipment and advertises this as their unique methodology.

Apparently, the system does not work.

The company has had significant re-growth on many of their ‘treated sites’ and have had numerous complaints. The company then states that this is quote – ‘normal’ – and that this – ‘happens to everybody’ ….

Can we please clarify.

Major re-growth on treated sites is not…. NORMAL.


 …and it…. IS A BIG DEAL.

Putting it simply – ‘screening’ of Japanese knotweed is not a guaranteed method of eradication.

In the short-term it will save you money.

But I repeat, it’s NOT guaranteed.

It sounds good, it sounds ‘green’ and it’s a cheaper method of tackling your Knotweed problem than off-site removal ….but as with most things that sound too good to be true….it is too good to be true.

Unfortunately, in this world you do not get something for nothing.

Unfortunately, also – some companies are just full of shit.

Here at Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd – incidentally the first company in the UK and the world to deal with just one plant – we do not offer just one method of Japanese knotweed removal.

We look at your sites, we look at your issues – then we offer the best solution to your problem. We offer the entire range of approved Knotweed removal strategies. We will offer the best method for your particular site’s problems.

If your site has dry, friable soil and the ground is reasonably compact we might just offer a screening option. But….we would tell you there are risks… and the chances of re-growth are high.

If your site is wet muddy and full of clay – we will not be recommending screening.

However, if the company you’re talking to about your Knotweed problem own a screening machine – you can pretty much bet that whatever your site conditions – they will recommend screening.

They have to pay the finance company every month for the machine, so you can damn well bet they’re going to use it.

Don’t be fooled.

Don’t be taken in.

Don’t be the one left with an embarrassing problem.

Do it once.

Do it properly.


Mike C


0161 723 2000