It’s about the people, not the company name

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Thursday 3rd November 2022

I recently had an all singing, all dancing alarm fitted at my house. CCTV, motion detectors, dead locks, pressure pads …the works …all fitted by ADT.

They did a great job, all installed by one team.

We pay a monthly fee for alarm monitoring and maintenance of the CCTV.

After a few teething issues we had to call them back to get systems back online and working again.

When I say… ‘we had to call them back’ – this involved repeat phone calls with an administrator who was obviously briefed to…. NEVER SEND AN ENGINEER OUT….

Whichever way I approached her …the computer would say ‘no’.

Eventually we did get an engineer to visit.

He looked at the alarm… but… had to be told how it worked.

He refused to go near the CCTV because he wasn’t aware we had CCTV and it wasn’t on his sheet.

So, for the last twelve months we have had a working alarm and only a partially operational CCTV.

The alarm then failed with warning lights showing battery failure….so we had the task of getting an engineer out again.

Dates and times were agreed then on the day of the appointment I received a text saying… ‘Your battery has been posted to you via DPD – on receipt please phone the office to be advised how to install.’

I rang the administration team and went ballistic with them explaining that this was not what had been agreed and insisting on an engineer calling to the property.

Enter Ashley, the ADT engineer.

(Sound of trumpets and drums to herald his arrival.)

He sorted the alarm.

He sorted the CCTV.

He sorted the remote monitor.

He stayed till we had tried and tested every part of the equipment.

He gave us his mobile number.

He was an absolute legend.

My point being – whilst you may be employing and paying ADT….


Thanks Ashley.

Mike C

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