It’s a Dogs Life…

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 24th August 2022

I know I’ve prattled on about this before… but …dogs have life sussed. My dachshund just has it all completely figured out.

She sleeps with us, beside the bed… wakes up about 7am, scratches the side of the bed until she’s lifted onto the duvet by my wife…then she settles back for an hour or so of tummy rubs and play biting dad ..until she decides she wants a wee.

She’s then carried downstairs and taken outside for her ablutions.

She chases the odd squirrel or pheasant or even a robin that may have strayed into ‘her’ garden by mistake…then she wants breakfast.

After breakfast she ‘always’ has a chew stick to clean her teeth and freshen her breath.

Then she goes back to sleep for maybe an hour or so whilst her breakfast digests.

On awakening she wants a walk or a play or maybe to chase the postman.

Maybe a bit of time by the fire.

Maybe chase dad for a bit of toast.

Cat chased. Done ✅

Neighbours barked at. Done ✅

Car barked at. Done ✅

Lawnmower bitten. Done ✅

Wait till dad clears the poop up …then do another. Done ✅


Then it’s back to sleep before hitting the food bowl again at 5pm (exactly).

She goes everywhere with us in her travel case, carried and pampered everywhere and generally made a fuss of by everyone she meets. The only time she ever shows any disappointment is if somebody doesn’t show her any attention in which case her face clearly shows the thought …‘what’s your problem?’

She has zero worries apart from the vet …who does keep sticking a finger up her bum …but apart from that …life is sweeeeet.

Pretty sure we’ve been had by these creatures who are all far cleverer than we give them credit for.

Next life I’m coming back as a dog – I’d even get used to the finger up the bum


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