Insured? …but are you….??

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 13th February 2019

Following on from my previous blog about getting my car broken into.

About a year and a half ago I had a heart attack.

Serious stuff, near death experience and one that I don’t care to repeat if possible – I’ve put in a request to the big guy that I die in my sleep with a smile on my face and … (the rest of the details you can fill in for yourselves).

Whilst recovering it occurred to me that I had a ‘critical illness’ policy with Aviva – in fact, one of the things that kept me alive during this period was thinking ‘…hmmm should at least be a rich man if I can survive the next few weeks’.

Truth be told, if all had gone to plan, I would have been half a million quid better off – but it turned out Aviva had cancelled the policy… unbeknownst to me when I’d hit 55…


Last week, I had my car broken into. Let’s be clear here – I have several cars and I pay thousands of pounds a year in insurance. I’m not a ‘cheap’ guy – I don’t look for bargains and I don’t try and scrounge people out of a few quid…and for the record I’m a good tipper. I haven’t tried to get cheap car insurance – I go through a broker and I have stated that I want a quality product that covers all requirements.

First phone call to my insurers after the break in, they advised that my ‘belongings’ were covered to £2500 maximum and I had a £1000.00 excess to pay.

Value of goods stolen was about £10K.


Just saying – are you covered?

Might be worth checking before shit happens.

Mike C

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