I Fought the Law….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 12th July 2023

When I was a young man I wore shorts all the time. I really mean all of the time. People would say to me… ‘You’ll have bad knees when you’re older ..’ and I would laugh scornfully …‘Not me’ ….I would think and carry on wearing shorts during wind, snow, rain whatever the weather… whatever the season.

I now have two replacement knees.

I’ve always loved food. Eating out, take aways, cooking at home – drinking what I wanted, when I wanted. People would say to me – ‘Your health will suffer, you need to take it easy’ …’not me, I would think, I’m fit, I’m healthy, I’ve got a high metabolism’ ….

I had a heart attack.

I’ve always loved fast cars. I’ve always been quite a quick driver. Nothing dangerous, nothing toooo illegal …just getting quickly from A to B. This lead to friends and family saying …‘You’ll get yourself in trouble with the police …’ I carried on regardless thinking… ‘They’ll never catch me …’

I’m currently banned for six months.

I’ve always wanted a dog. My wife would say to me … ‘Dogs are hard work, they’re very demanding…’ I laughed and said… ‘I will train and get my dog to be helpful around the house and be a true companion…’

I currently have a miniature dachshund that rules my every waking moment.

I’m beginning to think that maybe …just maybe …I should start listening to others before it’s too late.

Maybe I should slow down.

Maybe I should eat healthy.

Go to the gym.

Buy a slower car.

Get a hamster.

Buy some long trousers?


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