Heart attack – take 2

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 28th February 2018

Just when you thought it was safe to relax, just when you thought you were back to ‘normal’. Two a.m. can’t sleep, chest pains, difficulty breathing, sweating …what do you do?

Surely, it’s not a heart attack again?

Don’t panic (panic) …. just try and breathe…(panic) …

And so …I found myself in an ambulance again. In hospital again. Blood tests again. Wired up to a cardio-gram again. Admitted to hospital again.

The results were delayed and I ended up sat in casualty reception for 6 hours waiting to see a doctor. For those of you that haven’t had any dealings with the NHS recently – please be assured the system has some serious issues. Lovely hard-working people every one of them – but with little or no back up and support.

Some twelve hours after first being admitted I got to see a doctor who assured me that this wasn’t a heart attack. Phew. They didn’t know what it was (?) …and thought it was probably a ‘gastric’ issue caused by my medications?

Follow up appointment was made with my local GP.

Local GP decided that my medication was causing excess acid in my stomach leading to the pain and discomfort.

So, feeling a little better we decided to have a week away for my birthday at our house in the Peak District.

Saturday night – two a.m. – chest pains, sweating profusely and vomiting …what do you do??

Surely, it’s not a heart attack again and again and again…

And so, I found myself in an ambulance again. In hospital again. Blood tests again …. wired up to …. you get the picture….

To cut a long story short.

Doctor A – didn’t talk to Doctor B – who certainly didn’t tell hospital C – what hospital D had done and none of them had any idea what nurse E had stuck in my ass….

…and my medications shouldn’t have been changed so I’m back to square one.

At least I know the ambulance crews on first name terms now –

Mike C

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