Have you learnt anything yet?….

You thought you were master of your universe, didn’t you?

You thought you were in control.

You thought you’d got it all sussed out.


Thinks –


I’m going to work till I’m 60,

I’ll have paid everything off,

no mortgage,

kids all sorted,

no more borrowing,

car paid off….happy retirement ahead.


But no – somebody decided this was not your future.

So, your life ahead now reads …


I’m going to work till I drop,

nothing will be paid off,

I’ve re-mortgaged,

kids are back at home,

I’ve borrowed to the hilt,

what bloody car… I’m cycling everywhere?

…. retirement wtf’s that …?


But …you’ll be thinking – at least I’ve got toilet rolls ….

…. actually ffs …who’s used the last bloody bog roll????



Mike C


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