Hard work

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st February 2018

Which is hardest? …actually, digging a hole – or getting somebody to give you an order to dig a hole?

This is an argument that often comes up within the JKSL office. The lads – who work on sites that are freezing cold and wet – claim that their role is the hardest in the company, and call the rest of us… ‘soft’ for sitting in an office.

Meanwhile the surveyors that run all over the country trying to get clients to give us an order to carry out works claim that their role is the critical one. They…”claim” that without their work the boys on site wouldn’t have anything to do – so it’s their role that is vital ‘one’ and ‘hardest’.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that my role is actually the hardest.

I can just sit and nothing will happen unless I make it happen.

I could just sit here all day staring at the walls unless my creative mind steps up a deliver some stroke of genius that sets a particular ball rolling. I don’t have a particular ‘role’ – I’m not ‘accounts’ or ‘admin’ or a ‘surveyor’ – I’m at the ‘creative’ end of the job – looking at where the company is going and thinking about marketing and the direction the company is taking.

So, are you a ‘creator’ or a ‘grafter’ …??… random words but what I mean is – do you come to work and find a fresh new pile of ‘stuff’ that you have to work through…? Or do you arrive at work to a blank desk and a blank computer screen ….and then begin to generate work by your efforts.

The thing is – to be honest – it takes all sorts.

Its ok being the creative one providing you have someone to deliver on the offer that you have provided. Then it’s ok being the provider – as long as you have someone to deliver. Then it’s ok being the deliverer – as long as you have someone to follow up on your delivery and make sure that the bills get paid and everyone makes a living ….

Basically, it takes all sorts to make a business and each and every one within that process is as important and vital as the next one. From receptionist to senior staff on site – and everyone in between fulfills a vital element …

So long as you all realise …that it’s me that works the hardest.

Mike C

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