I’m fed up with being grumpy.

This is the dawn of a new me.

No longer watching the news and throwing things at Boris, I’m going to embrace this new world and make the most of the time I’ve got left.

There are some things that you can do something about ….and there is a load of stuff that is completely out of your control. So, I’m no longer going to worry about things that I cannot change and just get on with the things that I can enjoy.

I will endeavour to make small changes where I can – but I am no longer going to sit and sweat about things that I cannot do anything about. .

I think maybe I try too hard.

I overthink things and worry about the potential issues that will occur if this happens …or if that happens.

I’m now thinking that I should just enjoy the moment.

The whole COVID situation has left me feeling an overwhelming sense of impotence. A feeling of being unable to do anything positive, to do anything valuable.

Yes, I run a business. Yes, I’m my own boss.

But what impact do I have during a time of pandemic? What difference would it make if I no longer existed …?

I was definitely feeling I should be packing it all in and going to help the NHS.

Maybe I should re train and become the world’s worst nurse?


Mike C


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