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As an employer I have a variety of people that work for me, all are good – otherwise they wouldn’t still be working for me.

I feel we are lucky to have a great team at JKSL…. but they all still have their strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the team work long hours and never complain, others would rather be at home playing on their Play Stations or whatever it is they do. Some people finish late and never mention it, others when they have the opportunity to finish early grab it with both hands and just go home.

Some people when asked to do something extra at work – just do it. Others find they have weddings or funerals or whatever reason they can come up with to avoid the additional work.

Some people when asked to ‘jump’ say ‘how high’…. others say…. ‘why do I have to jump when he’s not jumping’.

As a business owner it is incredibly difficult to keep everyone happy – and occasionally there are situations that nobody likes – but the work just has to get done.

The team member that helps and just gets stuck in – is a great asset.

The team member that complains and writes long e-mails explaining why they can’t help – is a pain in the ass.

There is always room for different people within a company and not everybody can be a team leader. However, I strive for a company where everyone is trying to improve their ‘lot’.

People that just sit in their job waiting for the clock to strike five…. don’t really fit into my long-term plan.

Mike C