Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

I recently presented at the Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd annual seminar (this year titled ‘The Root of All Evil’) and introduced a concept called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Whilst many of you will be familiar with the recent blockbuster film of the same title starring Chris Pratt… the idea that I was presenting was a little more earth bound.

Who actually looks after our environment …(duuh …’The Environment Agency’ I hear you shout)….well yes… The Environment Agency…but who within the EA ?? ….and….are the EA not just completely bogged down with flooding issues (no pun intended)? ?

…and what about the cutbacks that the EA are going through? …’austerity measures’ will see cuts in the number of EA staff whilst flooding and other environment issues put increased strain on the remaining members of staff.

Where does the ENVIRONMENT  AGENCY actually sit on the Governments priorities? …Is it number 1?

Hmmmm… wouldn’t have thought so….?..DEFRA?…Natural England?

I think….maybe… when it comes down to it… the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ are actually …me and you – the ‘general public’ –  who maybe need to shout out a bit more about the services which we deem VITAL to the well-being of our country and its environment…?

I was recently told that the EA code of practice for managing Japanese Knotweed was going to be removed from the EA website – yet it is one of the most frequently searched documents on there? We are told that European Legislation will be introduced to allow ‘Species Control Orders’ to be issued against land owners who flout advice to manage their invasive species problems. This is to be policed by the Environment Agency…but…. without any additional funding??

I’m not qualified to talk about this and I will probably get a flurry of e-mails telling me that I’m making some basic errors in some of my comments….but all I ever hear about I the papers is immigration and FIFA and Top Gear . Millions and Millions of pounds are spent on our wonderful national health service that then treats immigrants to a free surgery or consultation. I know of one wealthy couple who live in Portugal for tax reasons but come home to have any operation or health advice that they need FOC….and don’t even start me on the homeless families being put up in prime London locations for thousands of pounds a week…

Put the following statements in the correct order :  Money – plug hole – down the – might as well  just put the

Maybe just maybe we should prioritise OUR COUNTRY first…and let’s start with the basics…the COUNTRYSIDE.

This is what makes our Britain ‘Great’.

Let’s have a few more Mr Grumpy from Glossop letters complaining about Japanese  knotweed everywhere. Let’s make more of a fuss about litter, lets issue fines to a few people ££££….maybe re-introduce the ‘stocks’ at Mc Donalds restaurants – so that anybody chucking a Big Mac on the floor gets 48 hours being pelted with rotten fruit (it might even improve their diet)…

Let’s make a fuss and shout about looking after the people that look after our ENVIRONMENT – and let’s make more people aspire to being in these jobs that matter.

How about the EA get better pay, more job security and some kick ass uniforms with dark shades….maybe like Men in Black??

Let’s make it COOL to look after the Environment!


Mike C


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