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Growing up

When I was a child I did foolish things, now I am a man I have put away foolish things ….etc etc or so I would like to think…but…just every once in a while I do feel like acting like a moody twelve year old.

I’ve just been reading an article by a competitor of ours that states that they were the…’first company to have an insurance backed product’ etc etc


Another competitor has written that they were… ‘the founding member of INNSA’ –

Jeez (twice)

Sorry but on both these counts these statements would be a big fat lie.

I don’t know why it bugs me so much – i guess it’s because most people reading this would take it as the truth …and think these guys were some sort of innovators in the market – when actually they are just copy cats.

I’ve never copied anything in my life, in fact it would make me physically sick to think that somebody thought I had ever copied anything from anybody. I am actually averse to thinking like others and have always gone my own way.

Japanese Knotweed solutions were the first company to offer a ten-year insurance backed product in the market – FACT.

Mike Clough (me) made all the phone calls to start the ball rolling with a trade body for the industry. Mike Clough (me) came up with the name INNSA (The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association – – I set up meetings, I paid for everything and it was me that sourced and took on Thornby Associates the current secretariat.

Mike Clough (me) was the first Chairman of INNSA and without Mike Clough (me) it just wouldn’t exist…FACT.

Mind you – this does piss people off – somebody once said that …’you will either love Mike Clough or you will hate him…. but nothing in-between’.

I have recently found myself pushed out from being chairman of INNSA because of this ability to ‘wind people up’… being seen as a negative factor in encouraging new members – so we now have a ‘nice’ chairman who people can admire and aspire to rubbing shoulders with (he’s also better looking than me…)

We recently had a situation where a new startup company called themselves ‘Japanese Knotweed Solutions….Wales Ltd’ – thinking that this was enough of as differentiation from our company name.

When challenged by our solicitor they replied …’we don’t want to be associated with JKSL’ …DUUUH …. well don’t call yourself the same bloody name then …

Jeez (again)

There is another company running around purporting to be the ‘biggest’ Japanese knotweed company in the UK. This company has ceased trading on more than one occasion and then re-appears using the same website and pretty much the same name – backed by funds from family money.

Jeez (for the last time)

So …here I am trying to be a grown up whilst running around going – ‘stop copying me, stop copying me…. stop lying, stop lying….’

People have said to me in the past that copying somebody is a form of flattery and that I should be pleased when it happens.

People also tell me that liars will always be found out and that i should just be patient as the truth will always ‘come out’…

This is just a step to far for me at the moment – I’m still in the annoyed phase.

At Japanese Knotweed Solutions we continue to be the market leader – we always have been.

No copying and no bull***t.


Mike C