Does anybody else out there feel that Google ad-words is a complete rip off?

I’m seriously confused about how the system works…

Normally – the more you spend the better the service should be
Google – the more you spend…nothing much seems to happen

I feel I’ve been ripped off for years by these Search Engine Optimisation companies ….and despite spending £10’s of thousands of pounds…the company position is no better off than when I spend ££££pennies.

I have paid huge sums of money to companies that offer … ‘number one position on Google rankings’ only to be massively disappointed when some months later, and several thousands of pounds poorer…our Google ranking hasn’t changed…

These companies all seem to have the same marketing strategy, sending a particularly attractive pair of young hopefuls to do the initial ground work. It’s always a male and a female (cover all bases) and they are always ridiculously attractive with perfect teeth. They present detailed analysis of your business on an i-pad (the diamond and gold edition) and quite often don’t even bother to change the name of the company to the one to whom they are actually presenting…

They have page after page of detailed analytics that ‘Brian in data’ has produced showing how for a spend of £5K a month ….YOU can be NUMBER ONE. It’s always a round figure – never £4980.00 plus VAT or £5260.00 plus VAT…its always – £Exact figure – on a monthly retainer.

…and they always say …’of course it won’t happen overnight, you have to give us a couple of months to get things sorted.

These companies all rely on the fact that nobody can check what they are doing…and it’s all total bolloxs.

…and anyway,  whatever you do – Google then produces some algorithm called ‘Donkey Knob’ and everything changes again anyway.

It worries me that hard working successful companies are being targeted by these con artists and are being taken in by the flash smile, a glimpse of cleavage and a promise of eternal domination of the Google heap.

There should be a system where hard work gets your rewards?…and a system where lazy computer hackers don’t triumph over the labours of hard working office guys. Punching a few keyboards isn’t hard work …I’m sorry all you geeks out there – but hard work in business is about going out and selling your services then providing a quality product time and time again. It’s about providing the right service at the right price and then delivering the product…

There should be a system where the longer established companies should stand out as head and shoulders above a newly formed start-up company with little experience. Unfortunately in this day and age all you need is a good looking website and nobody can tell that you are actually trading from your back bedroom…..AND… Google isn’t helping.

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Mike C


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